About Us

Window Cleaning Masters is a 100% black woman owned company

It caters for all buildings, from private residences, to multi-storey commercial buildings and offices. The multi-storey window washing system is chemical-free and environmentally friendly. The company only uses pure filtered water, which feeds through carbon fibre poles and results in the best possible clear view. The organisations pure water ladder-free cleaning method will leave any window looking streak-free, without the frustrating inconveniences experienced in conventional methods.
The Water Fed Poles used by Window Cleaning Masters allow for the reach and washing of high windows safely from the ground level - ensuring that there is minimal disruption to the client, and no damage to the client’s garden or property. Outside windows are then washed using pure water only - and then left to air dry to a sparkling and spot-free finish.

Our Vision

Window Cleaning Masters’ vision is to be a leading service provider in the supply and service of window cleaning in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng Province and the greater Republic of South Africa. It is also the prerogative of the company to provide exceptional safety standards for any working activity taking place, and deliver exceptional quality services that Window Cleaning Masters has to offer.

Our Mission

Window Cleaning Masters’ mission is to maximize the value of resources for the benefit of the clients. It is to increase the quality of service in the industry of the chosen business path for the benefit of public and private sector organisations as well as the general community, in the most cost effective, conservative and environmentally friendly methods, so as to foster the result of providing more skills, job creation and playing an integral part in economic and socio-economic growth for the province and the country.

We Specialise in

Commercial Window Cleaning Services
If you own a low to medium high-rise like a condominium or even a store, it can be tough to reach high spots in your buildings.
Residential Window Cleaning Services
Regardless of the size and type of your home, we know how to clean those windows that can be hard to access, leave all the window cleaning to us.
Solar Panel Cleaning Services
Regular solar panel cleaning will help to protect and make the most of your investment, our qualified team is ready for action.